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      Secondhand vintage jewelry showroom

      How the heck does a pawn shop work?
      Say you need some quick cash to put a down payment on a new car or buy some plane tickets. You bring an item(s) of value (jewelry, gold, musical instruments, tools etc.) to a pawn shop (us) and receive a loan. This item is “pawned” for a loan for a certain contractual period of time. The item may then be retrieved for the amount of the loan plus interest. Unlike other lenders, if you cannot pay back the loan and interest, it does not affect your credit score.

      Our Process:

      • After you bring your item in we settle on an amount that we will loan you for your item. The Loan contract will be written for 120 days.
      • A one time fee of 3%, with a minimum of $5, and a maximum of $30 will also be charged with every new loan, and a $10 lost ticket fee will be assessed if you require a new pawn ticket.
      • If you do not come back to claim your item before the 120 day loan period expires, the loan expires and we simply take the title of your item. No credit is affected in any way.
      • Only Cash and card are accepted as payment on a loan. To redeem a loan we only accept cash.
      • If you are not in town we can arrange payment via phone with a debit card. A new ticket will be mailed back to you upon request. 

      In the 1950’s pawn shops were the number one source of consumer credit in America. And for good reason!! Even now, a pawn loan is still the cheapest short-term credit option!







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