What is the minimum and maximum amount of money I can get?

We can offer you the cash you need! We review each application individually. Each offer is determined on a case by case basis, determined by the value of your item.

How is my item stored and secured?

Your item is bar-coded and stored in a secure vault for the entire duration of its loan period.

Do you provide insurance?

Your item is insured for the duration of the loan for up to two times the loan amount.

How is my final loan offer determined?

We care about client satisfaction. Our goal is to get you the money you need.
Your final offer will be based on the in-house evaluation of your item. Factors that influence your final offer include your item's current condition, its value & real-time pricing data.

What if I don't see my item listed under ‘Items We Accept'?

We transact with a wide range of assets. If you're not sure if we accept your item you may contact us directly.

Do I need identification?

The state requires us to use only a state issued drivers license or state photo ID card as identification each time a customer sells or pawns an item. We also accept US and International Passports and Matrícula Consular id cards. We are required to check for updated information on every transaction. A complete description of the customer and all items received by a pawnbroker must be reported to the police, who compare pawned and sold property to their burglary, robbery and theft reports. This reduces the chances of a pawnshop receiving stolen property.

What is a Loan Renewal?

If you are unable to pay back your loan in full on its due date, you may get a renewal by paying the interest that has accrued on your loan, and a new loan is written. The principal loan amount remains the same, as does the interest rate, but the due date is reset for the full loan term (120 days).

What is a Loan Redemption?

When you are ready to pick up your merchandise, simply return with your loan ticket and pay off your loan including principal, interest and any fees.

Can a pawnshop sell my pawned item?

The title and ownership of an item remain with the borrower until the loan defaults. A pawnbroker is not able to sell a pawned item until the borrower fails to redeem or renew a loan at the end of the contracted period.